Tektrim Drywall Products

The only application you will ever need to create magnificent contemporary details. Choose a specific product below for more information or download all our drywall products here.
Tektrim Flush Baseboard

One Piece Flush Base
Tektrim One Piece Base without a reveal is uniquely clean and creates a seamless flush base.

1/4” Shadow Base

One Piece 1/4” Shadow Base
Easily create a 1/4” shadow reveal for a contemporary style with Tektrim One Piece Shadow Base.

1/2” Shadow Base

One Piece 1/2” Shadow Base
Create a 1/2” shadow line reveal at the base in larger areas where a 1/4″ shadow line would go unnoticed.

UMB with Floor Shadow line

Floor Reveal with UMB
Create “floating” walls with a recessed base or floor shadow line reveal using Tektrim’s Universal Metal Base.

UMB Shown With Reveal At Ceiling

Ceiling Reveal with UMB
Flip Tektrim UMB upside down to create a shadow line reveal at the ceiling.

UMB Shown With Wood Base

UMB with Wood Base
Use any wood base and incorporate unique styling in your projects with Tektrim’s UMB.

UMB Shown With Title Base

UMB with Tile Base
Utilize the versatility of Tektrim UMB and use tile baseboards in the kitchen or bathroom.

UMB Shown With Stone Base

UMB with Stone Base
Use a stone base with Tektrim UMB for stunning luxurious detail.

UMB Shown With Sheet Metal Base

UMB with Sheet Material Base
Use Tektrim UMB with various sheet materials such as vinyl, plastic, metal, or rubber base.

FTZ with Door Jamb Detail

FTZ Door Jamb Detail
Tektrim FTZ can create a 1/2” shadow line on door jambs.

FTZ with Cabinet Detail

FTZ Cabinet Detail
Tektrim FTZ takes place of scribe and creates a plumb 1/2” detail.

FTZ with Curtain Detail

FTZ Curtain Wall Detail
Tektrim FTZ can create a 1/2” shadow line on curtain walls.

1/4” Z-Metal

 Z-Metal Trim
Creates shadow lines for door jambs, drywall, and window details.

3/16” Radius Corner Bead

3/16” Radius Corner Bead
Developed for drywall to appear like plaster.