Tektrim Drywall Products

The only application you will ever need to create magnificent contemporary base details. Choose a specific product below for more details or download all our drywall products here.

FTZ With Door Jamb Detail

FTZ with Cabinet Detail

FTZ With Curtain Wall Detail

One Piece Base
Tektrim Flush Baseboard is an amazing product with lots of benefits.

1/4” Shadow Base

Have you ever tried to create this detail without using Tekrim products? Then you know how hard it can be. Eliminate any struggle and get straight perfect results everytime.

1/2” Shadow Base

Our flush baseboard with 1/2″ Shadow Line is a great look for contemporary design.  Very similiar to the 1/4” Shadow base this product makes creating this detail so simple and straight every time. Comes in anodized aluminum, mill finish, or epoxy primed.

 UMB with Floor Shadow line
Tektrim UMB shown with 1/2” shadow line detail at finished floor.

UMB Shown With Reveal At Ceiling
Can be used as picture rail.

UMB Shown With Wood Base
Tektrim’s UMB with various flush wood base details shown.

UMB Shown With Tile Base
TEKTRIM 5/8” UMB with a flush stone base and various shadow line widths shown.

UMB Shown With Stone Base
Tektrim UMB with a flush stone base and various shadow line widths shown.

UMB Shown With Sheetmetal Base
Tektrim UMB shown with various sheetmetal base details.

3/4″ Bullnose UMB – Corner Bead

3/4″ Bullnose UMB – Jamb Extention

1/4” Shadow line Z Metal Head & Jamb
A detail that is becoming more frequently used in many contemporary projects.

3/16” Radius Corner Bead
Developed for drywall to appear like plaster.