Tektrim F.A.Q.

You can specify Tektrim UMB with confidence knowing that it will work well. Tektrim has solved the problems of installing flush baseboards the “old way”. The UMB has been engineered to compensate for uneven framing, to support the 5/8″ drywall between studs to eliminate blocking and it installs before the 5/8″ drywall so it does not slow down your job. All that is left is for you to enjoy the beautiful results.

UMB Installation FAQ Documents

Print out these handy FAQs and use them on your job site.

Benefits of Using Tektrim VS Conventional Flush Base Details

Benefits of using TekTrim UMB

  1. NO Blocking between Studs is Necessary with UMB (UMB flanges fully support the Drywall AND the Base)
  2. UMB is Installed BEFORE Drywall – Does NOT Slow down the job (Drywall Hanging AND Taping are on Your Critical Path – UMB Is NOT)
  3. The UMB Sets the Height of Drywall and other Trade Work (UMB IS Your Level Line – Trades use it to set Their Rough-in Heights Correctly)
  4. UMB Compensates for Uneven Framing (The nailing flanges bend to compensate for bad framing)
  5. Drywall Installs Faster since Drywall “drops” in the UMB channel (UMB keeps the Drywall Straight and Strong Between Studs)
  6. UMB Strengthens the Base/Drywall Joint (UMB is Tough-It can take more Abuse than a conventional Detail)
  7. UMB installs Much Faster than Flimsey 10 foot Drywall Metal (Longer pieces mean LESS Joints and LESS pieces to Install)
The Alternative Ways
  1. Between-Stud Blocking Essential to support Detail (These Joints are Fragile – One Hit and they need to be Repaired)
  2. Installing the Trim Metal AFTER Drywall Hanging Slows Your Job Drywall Hanging is On Your Critical Path – the whole job is Slowed Down)
  3. Hanging Drywall at Correct Height Off the Floor is Tough (Using Gauge Blocks or Strips is Costly and Time consuming)
  4. You Must Shave Framing and Make Sure Blocking is Flush (Blocking is Either Perfect or it’s Wrong – If it’s Wrong the Detail isn’t Right)
  5. Drywall Hanging is SLOWED DOWN to get the Height Right (if the height isn’t right You keep paying during the job to correct it)
  6. Even if you get all of the parts in right this is a Fragile Detail (The first time it gets bumped you will have to repair it – Call Backs!)
  7. The Old Way is Hard-Even the Trim Metal needs to be Shimmed (In MOST Rooms you WILL have JOINTS where they show – and crack)

Tektrim cannot be responsible for malfunctions due to installation discrepancies.