Our Testimonials

Here are some letters we have received regarding how Tektrim products work in actual practice. Statements from an architect, a plastering contractor and a general contractor sum up how Tektrim is helping these professionals accomplish their goals and enhance the quality of their projects. They speak for themselves.

Building in Los Angeles has given my company great creative flexibility and freedom. We are constantly looking for the cleanest and most efficient way to resolve details in our designs. There are tons of manufacturers of contemporary architectural products that aim at make our jobs easier and cleaner. But few have been as successful for us as Tektrim’s UMB Base. The rigidity of Tektrim’s extruded metal bases makes for fast and economical installations. Other extruded metals have been too bendable and are hard to make look good. Fortunately manufacturers like Tektrim hit the nail on the head with this product.

Abe Grossman

Since their inception Tektrim has been an integral part of our success in the Custom home industry here in the South Bay. And Just a few of the reasons are:

Their ability to work with us on custom designs for special purpose metals has greatly enhanced our ability to better serve our clients needs here in the South Bay.

Tektrim has constantly demonstrated their willingness to serve their clients by keeping their products reasonably priced and always coming through with our orders in a timely way.

Their quality and service needless to say has been second to none in my opinion.

Here’s to Tektrim’s continued success and thanks again for being there when we need you.

Scott Richartz

“As an architect, I have often struggled to manipulate standard drywall and plaster trims to create elegant, clean and simple detailing. The shapes and configurations offered by most manufacturers are never quite appropriate to what I’m trying to do. I constantly find myself trying to force the use of stock extrusions into situations for which they were not intended in order to achieve a desired detailed look. As a result, contractors in the field have difficulty executing the details and the end product is clumsy and poorly finished. I’ve found Tektrim products to be a refreshing solution to this struggle. Tektrim offers manufactured extrusions that are designed to look the way I want and act the way contractors want them to act. The products work for both residential and commercial materials and allow for the production of clean, crisp details that are in tune with contemporary architecture.”

Dale Malcolm