UMB Ceiling Shadow Line

Tektrim UMB is a Universal Metal Base with numerous potential applications. Tektrim UMB can be applied to create shadow reveals at the ceiling and floor, making walls appear to float. Save time and money when installing floating walls by flipping the UMB upside-down and using it in conjunction with standard L-metal to create shadow line reveals at the ceieling. Eliminate backing between studs and any other unnecessary steps you may be familiar with when trying to accomplish floating wall details.

UMB comes in mill finish. Other finishes include epoxy primed, anodized, and powder coated. Finishes other than mill finish are special order.

Available for 5/8” and 1/2” drywall.

Tektrim cannot be responsible for discrepancies due to improper installation.

Tektrim ceiling shadow line detail, floating walls detail


Below are the AutoCad Drawings and details you need to integrate the Tektrim details into your next project.


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